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Successful web design with HTML standards for search engines.

Good website programming costs?

The creation of a homepage is offered by many different companies at often low prices. But what happens after the website goes online?

In order to sustain a product on the market in the long term, it must meet current requirements and be constantly adapted. This is of course the case with the presentation of their company on the WWW. And this is exactly where the wheat is separated from the chaff!

Search engines "register" whether a website is maintained and constantly updated to current standards. The result of a neglect is visible at the latest when the website is located in the back ranks of search queries. A consequence of this is the loss of market shares and thus directly monetary losses.

Another important point: the design. Why do customers opt for a product? At first glance, the content can not be grasped, but the first impression already and that counts.

„You´ll never get a second chance for a first impression.”

Written exam in web design

Web design includes the design and creation of websites. The programming language is HTML. Formatting such as applying color, test alignment, text size, etc. is influenced in most cases by formatting languages such as CSS.

Search engines operate on the Internet as well as teachers and archivists. The submitted website is read through, contents are cataloged and archived. The form and content are evaluated and returned in the search result list in the form of a ranking.

Responsive Webdesign - Technology

In the beginning, several versions were programmed for mobile websites in order to serve several end devices.

Today, mobile websites are no longer "just" a complement to the "normal" desktop website, because smartphones and tablets are so common that the programming of mobile websites is standard. Even technically, a lot has been done to this day. That is why today we speak of responsive web design.

Responsive Webdesign creates only a single version of the website that responds to the properties of the respective terminal. It is primarily written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The challenge: the reproduction of the different designs can be determined by the characteristics of the terminal (smartphone, tablet, notebook).

  • Size of the device itself
  • Screen resolution
  • Orientation: portrait or landscape format
  • Input options: keyboard, display touch, language
  • Browser window size

The goal: to present the content of the website as clearly and user-friendly as possible to the viewer.

Web design with netzS.E.O also means onpage optimization!

We analyze your needs! So, let's look at your current website first and check it with regard to onpage optimization. We then use the results to create a design and marketing concept so that your website is successfully presented on the web.

Programming for onpage optimization of website