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Successful search engine optimization with Onpage and Offpage.

SEO Prices - Onpage Optimization

Website analysis - prices

If necessary, we also offer a website analysis for the SEO, website structure, page structure, internal linking, keyword density and web coding of the tags in the head area:
Website analysis starting from 350,- €*
for Web-Shop starting from 650,- € - Webportal starting from 1.350,- €

Onpage - Costs local, regional

Keyword search for search queries, optimization of the page content - texts (also content), headlines etc., compress images, alt tags, technical aspects, such as the tags in the header and the internal link structure of the website list SEO prices Onpage.

Business - local, regional

Per website / subpage once
Homepage 95,- € - each additional page 55,- €

Premium - local, regional

Starting from 1.000 search queries, per website / subpage
Homepage 125,- € - each additional page 70,- €

Premium plus - local, regional

Creation of a new website / subpage and optimization adapted to the website with new keywords
Home 150,- € - each additional page 125,- €

Network spider - if regional strong competition

Creation of a new website / subpage unique and optimization adapted for position 5 to 1 Position in search engines regionally.
Homepage 195,- € - each additional page 165,- €

All prices are net, plus 19% VAT.

The specialist for very strong competition - over 2000 search queries

Consulting, analysis, search engine optimization with programming and concept for onpage optimization - includes all content-related adjustments of a website, webshop or web portal - SEO prices
Hourly rate or project price with monthly flat rate: on request

Preise offpage optimization

Business of SEOTOOLY

Service partner of NetzS.E.O. Provides fast entry services for web catalogs, industry books and press and article portals, costs and quantity are sorted by country.

SEOTOOLY creates a new e-mail account for the directory submissions and handles all confirmation and confirmation e-mails from web directories, with detailed submissions. Full list of directories to which the site has been submitted, Logindata with password of the email account will be sent to you - List SEO Prices Offpage

DEPT 706 • 19 - 21 Crawford Street
London W1H 1PJ • United Kingdom


I. Web catalogs - II. Industry books - III. Press and info portals

Länder I II III
Germany: je 100/100/60 15,- €25,- €18,- €
Switzerland: je 406,- €--
Austria: je 100 6,- €--
Italy: je 50 7,50 €--
Spain: je 40 6,- €--
France: je 406,- €--
International: je 100/100/10010,- €17,- €24,- €

All prices are net, plus 19% VAT.

Premium von Speed to Service

Sustainable backlink construction with selected keywords and titles, various texts for entry into web catalogs, press portals, industry books and article and company directories.

Speed to Service
Technologiepark 24
22946 Trittau • Deutschland

fon: 04154 / 796 80 86

Search queries Month runtime
starting from 100starting from 200,- €3 - 6 Monate
starting from 1.000starting from 350,- €3 - 6 Monate

All prices are net, plus 19% VAT.

The specialists

For short-term individual assignments:
per hour 35,- € net Project price: on request.

Web design with netzS.E.O also means onpage optimization!

We analyze your needs! So, let's look at your current website first and check it with regard to onpage optimization. We then use the results to create a design and marketing concept so that your website is successfully presented on the web.

Programming for onpage optimization of website