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Onpage Optimization - SEO

The onpage optimization includes all content-related adaptations of your website. It usually leads directly to improvements in the ranking, with relevant keywords in the positions of search results.

One of the positive effects of many on-site measures is an improvement in the user experience with the search engines (results) through easier navigation, explanatory texts and clear structures.

Measures - Onpage Analysis

Optimization of the page content affects texts, headings, alternative texts for pictures etc.. Technical aspects such as meta-elements in the header and internal link structure of the website should also be aligned exactly to the requirements of the search engines - Onpage

Market leader - Google

With over 90% market share globally, Google is market leader and offers accordingly high-quality search results. To ensure this, Google has developed an algorithm that takes into account some 200 factors. Many of these factors attempt to determine the quality and relevance of a page. The more accurate a site meets these criteria, the higher Google ranks them in the search results. That is why onpage optimization is crucial to the website.

Webcrawler - Search engine

Web crawlers (also known as searchbots, robots or spiders) are programs that constantly search the web for new content and analyze web pages. Search engines use web crawlers for indexing.

From our point of view, the onpage optimization is an important step in SEO (sub-area of SEO) and thus the first building block in the search engine optimization of your website.

Web crawlers love simple structures!

HTML pages - Head area

The meta tags are placed in the header of a web page in the HTML code and provide information about the respective page via the search engines to the user. The meta tags are a decisive factor in the onpage optimization. Particularly the tags "Title" and "Description" must be considered.

Meta Tag Title

The title of a website is displayed in the header of the browser, at the top left. This page title describes the topic of a website for human visitors and search engines and indicates the content of a page. In general, an individual title should be used for each subpage of a website and the most important words should be placed at the very front.

Meta Tag Description

The description of the page content is also written in the header of the page in the HTML code. The description is readable as a short content in the search results list of the search engine and, if it is well done, encourages the visitors to click.

Tip: NetzS.E.O recommends up to 160 characters for the description text.

Title tag and description tag are visible in the results lists of the search engines!

Meta Tag Keywords

The meta keywords describe the content of each page in keywords, but are not displayed to the visitor. Not all search engines rate the keywords for the ranking. Nevertheless, we recommend using the meta-element. There are still search services that evaluate it for their ranking.

Tip: NetzS.E.O recommends 7 keywords for this tag.

Robots - Webcrawler

The meta tag robots provides the web crawler of search engines with information about whether to index the page. By default, the item is set to "Index, Follow".

Meta elements - Meta tags in general

They are meant to improve the searchability of the WWW or a single website. In addition, metadata can be used to record specific instructions to control the search engines.

In general, meta tags are not visible in the search engines!

Technical Requirements - Website

The best onpage optimization will not help you if your website is slow or not loaded at all! Quickly the game is over - your homepage will not make it on the first pages in the ranking. Mobile websites, which are not loaded within 3 seconds, are left immediately by about 50% of all visitors.

Thus, the speed of the page, the loading speed, is of enormous importance and depends, among other things, on how many scripts and files your web page uses - Onpage Optimization.

Site composition - URL structure

A very important factor in the onpage optimization is the URL structure, ie the structure of the different paths of a website. This should be hierarchical, the different levels of each page should be reflected in the URL. The so-called speaking URL immediately lets the viewer know which topic the respective page handles. A website with a clean URL structure is preferred by the search engines and the structure is included in the Google ranking.

Important: If existing URLs are changed, 301 redirects must be set from the "old" URL to the "new" URL.

Hierarchy of website pages

The page hierarchy helps the search engine to index the website pages among each other thematically. Highly important is that your site structure follows a clear schema and is subject to interrelated topics also in the hierarchy.

Compression - Html page - images

The compression of the scripts, the source code and the images of your web pages plays an important role in the speed of the pages and the performance of your server is not to be underestimated.

Search robots are just like humans: they have no time!

HTML pages - Body area - Content - Texts - Pictures

"Content is King" - this is the most famous slogan in the Internet industry. The content of a website can consist of many elements such as texts, images, videos, forms and games. Websites that offer a lot of good and useful content are ahead.

The focus on onpage optimization in content is initially on text and images; precise strategies should be applied in order to be successful and to design good content for search engines.

But why is optimized content so important?

Search engines crawl large parts of the Internet and store the results in gigantic databases. The search results for queries are then generated from these databases. The programs are only able to read and process texts. Flash elements, on the other hand, can hardly be classified. The same applies to photos and videos.

A very important goal, therefore, is to provide the searchbot with sufficient text so that it can recognize the topic of your website. For search engines, it is of crucial importance to provide the best search results to their visitors. To ensure this, they need as much targeted information about a website as possible.

Whether a web page matches a search is determined in the content and in the meta elements.


The name of an image file should tell you what is shown in the image. Using the name, search engines try to interpret and evaluate the image. Also make sure that the file names do not contain any special characters. In addition, we recommend using a separator instead of an underline - onpage optimization.

Alt attribute

The alt attribute helps Searchbots to "understand" the content of images because the machine itself can not read images. It is used as an onpage measure, because searchbots store the content of this tag in the databases. Therefore, it should not be forgotten in any case, because it delivers the meaningful content when

  • a browser does not display the image for technical reasons
  • the automatic loading of images in the browser is disabled
  • a visitor is visually impaired and the content is translated into braille or read by voicebrowser
Search engines reward long dwellings!

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Onpage optimization at netSEO means:

We analyze the needs! So we first look at a website and review the factors of the onpage optimization shown above. We then use the results to create a concept for a website to be successfully presented on the web.

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