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Offpage optimization - an important online marketing measure

All measures that are taken to increase the ranking of your website to the search engines and which are NOT on your server or your website are summarized in the world of SEO with the collective term "Offpage Optimization". Offpage optimization is part of the online marketing.

Similar to the construction of a dwelling house, here also applies: "No roof without foundation". This means, first and foremost, the website itself has to be optimally adapted to today's needs of SEO. (See also our onpage optimization info).


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Pagerank - Backlink

Backlinks - an important measure in the offpage optimization

Pagerank is a quality feature that the search engines assign and gives the value of a website (based on the number and quality of the backlinks referring to it). The higher the pagerank, the stronger the page.

Google differentiates between an internal and an external pagerank. The latter was accessible to outsiders. Since 2014 this external pagerank is no longer updated by Google, its influence on the ranking of a website is accordingly small.

The backlink to your website is like a recommendation. However, this recommendation will contribute to a better pagerank only if the content context for search engines is recognizable.

netzSEO - active assistance in offpage optimization

Text - Content

An essential aspect of successful SEO is writing the texts that represent your company to the outside. The entry in the relevant online directories requires individual texts, which are not plagiarism.

Since search engines are perfectly capable of recognizing plagiarism, in the worst case the domain can be removed from the WWW index. This means that the affected website is no longer accessible on the Internet.

On the other hand, the user should receive added value through the information provided in the online directories. This requires unique descriptions, which can not be transferred arbitrarily to other directories.

Social Media

This refers to digital media and technologies that allow users to exchange information and create media content individually or in community. Through social media marketing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, potential customers can be addressed individually and a brand, a company, a service and the website can be made known.

A special feature of Google+:
To make your company visible through your own entries directly in the search engine and to be more present online!

Yellow Pages:

Add your website for free, yellow pages.

The original Yellow Pages in paper form is familiar to everyone and it is still used in many households. This classic form provides regional information about companies, authorities and other organizations.

The online version offers the advantage of greater reach - so the user has access to an extended offer. The company, on the other hand, increases with a professional entry the chance of search engines to be seen. It is even possible that it will get a better positioning in the search results.

Many industry books, including major ones, offer free entries or a free trial month and more. Paid advertisements on the web are often cheaper than those in print media. They can be expanded and customized with different modules. Industry books are often more popular with web users in the online version than web catalogs.

Offpage with meaning and concept by netzSEO!

Web directories:

Webcatalog Yellowmap for the offpage optimization

In contrast to search engines, web catalogs are editorially maintained directories. The editors search the web for sites that correspond to the different requirements of the operator, so they can be included in the respective web catalog.

This means people are at work here, who invest time and money to fill a product, their web catalog, with content. This content represents an added value for the users, and in return can enhance the own directory through content-rich websites. Many web catalogs offer the possibility to enter a website here under different conditions.

A requirement that should always be met for the site to be listed is an adaptation to the current technical standard. Another important aspect is the website description: it must be unique to allow the website to be included in the catalog. Copied and used texts are mostly recognized and lead to the rejection of the website.

Especially in the case of web catalogs, which are well-known and can be a good advertising platform for your own offer, such a rejection is quite annoying.

Media portals:

Press portal for press releases and company information.

Press portals are an important part of online PR. Their reach is not limited to journalists, as with classical press services, but covers all Internet users. For the search engines press portals represent a special quality, because press articles have an extreme textuality and high topicality. Thus, press portals are an interesting medium to maintain presence in search engines and achieve a good range.

Press releases have always a goal: to attract as large an audience as possible to the contents of the press release. In general, the following target groups are addressed:

  • Press offices, editors and journalists
  • Customers of services
  • Consumers of products
  • Last not least: the search engines

Since the searchability of a website is strongly dependent on search engines, they have a very important role as a target group.

There are press portals where the setting of press releases is free of charge. These so-called publication portals usually restrict publication of the press release to the portal itself and other online services, e.g. Web feeds.

netzS.E.O - Our name is our bond

We ensure that your website is connected to other sites as a network and is thus visible to the major search engines. We ensure that we place your website on the one hand only in directories that have a content with regard to your products or services and secondly that these directories have a high pagerank.

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