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In the globalized world of the Internet, the pressure on companies to publicize their own website has risen enormously. It is crucial that the potential customer immediately finds the company website in the search results lists of the search engines and thus can be informed about the products and services of the company. This is, after all, the basic prerequisite to start and ideally to close a deal. But how should a particular website be found among millions of others? One way is the search engine marketing. Optimizing your website using SEO or SEA is common practice in online marketing.

But how does it work?

This is where the search engines come into play! The term "SEO" is generally used to describe all the measures which lead to a top positioning of websites in the search engine ranking of the unpaid search results.

SEO compass local, regional and federal

In other words, search engine optimization is a subset of SEM - search engine marketing - and includes all measures for attracting visitors to a web presence.

SEA - keyword search - includes the purchase of paid entries on search engine results pages as offered by Google AdWords. This form of online marketing is well suited to attract visitors to the website very quickly. Unlike SEO measures, which basically only lead to success over a longer period of time.

Search engines are represented on the Internet all over the world and are used without exception by all users to search for and find information - online marketing with SEO.

The direct way to customers on the Internet leads through Google, Bing, Yahoo and Co ...

Webdesign - Onpage Optimization

Web design includes the design and programming of websites. Search engines operate on the Internet as teachers and archivists alike. The submitted web page is read through, contents are cataloged and archived. The form and content are evaluated and returned in the search results list in the form of a ranking position.

The challenge: the characteristics of the mobile device (smartphone, tablet, notebook) influence the rendering of different designs - responsive web design in conjunction with SEO

The goal: to present the contents of the website to the potential customer as clearly and user-friendly as possible.

World Wide Web, shortended to www

The successful Internet presence of your company is not a coincidence and it is not just happening ... The basic prerequisite is that the website / the webshop of your company is interesting for both visitors (potential customers!) and for the search engines!

To achieve this, a technical optimization of the page is required, the Onpage optimization.

SEO onpage and offpage optimization

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