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Successful use apps for the Mobile Marketing.

App - Apps?

Originally the term app is derived from the word application. At first the term "app" was used only for software that comes on mobile devices. It has become customary on software for desktop computers to call "App".

Opportunities for App!

Consumer Apps: They all offer software solutions for smartphones and tablets, mobile applications that are very suitable for mobile marketing. To increase the information service or to its visibility on social media to present company and product video clips. Skillful advertising games with prizes that are precisely aligned to your target audience.

Business Apps: The iPad sales force is used for interactive product presentation to the customer. The application offers extensive search and selection options within the entire article master. Selected items can be moved to a shopping list or contract. So orders are generated received by the mobile device on site and can be transmitted directly to the ERP system, and much more.


App for Radio Arabella 105.2 Munich Jekel or Hyde the game for Controller


Business App from the company Berendsohn for the field service in action Business app from the office appwerk

Developing - Programming

We quickly realized that the behavior of target groups so rapidly changes as markets change. And companies have to respond strategically - no matter what products or services they offer. This is exactly what we are developing mobile business solutions. Solutions that support sales, to present products better and to fill the sales pipeline.


We develop apps especially for the iOS operating system of Apple's iPhones and iPads and Android, the operating system that now comes to the majority of the other smartphones are used. When it comes to mobile to use the data of your base business, we also bind like the existing infrastructure and take appropriate interfaces and an asynchronous data exchange that you go and use your data if the Internet connection once is not perfect.